Call for Papers

ICNETIC focuses on the field of networking, informatics and computing, and is now open to solicit papers from all over the world. Welcome scholars and business engineers from all over the world to contribute actively to share your academic achievements and industry knowledge. Article topics include but are not limited to:

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
Topic 1: Networking and Services
  • Trends in Networking and Services
    Slicing and 5/6/7G Technologies
    Emerging Network Communications and Technologies
    Multi-technology Service Deployment and Assurance
    Deploying the Future Infrastructures
    Cloud/Grid over Optical Burst Switching Networks
    Next Generation Networks and Ubiquitous Services
    Network Control and Management
    Multi Provider QoS/SLA Internetworking
    Software Defined Networking
    Users, Applications and Business Models
    Cloud/Grid Networks and Services
    Ubiquitous Mobile Services and Protocols
    Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery of Networks and Applications
Topic 2: Informatics and Computing
  • Optimization Techniques
    Intelligent Agents
    Soft Computing Techniques
    Internet of Things
    Security and Information Assurance
    Robust Control Agents
    Big data Tools & Technologies
    Cloud & Fog Computing
    Mobile Computing & Ad hoc Networks
    Security Tools & Technologies
    Stream Mining
    Machine Learning
    Approximate Computing
    Computational Intelligence
    Cognitive Computing
    Intelligent Control Agents
    Search Engines and Information Retrieval
    Parallel & Scalable Computing
    Real-time Systems
    Real-time Analytics
    Autonomous Agents

Looking Forward to Your Submission!